19. Dylan Days / Zimmerman Frei 2020

Pandamia Corrina virus brought a lot of uncertainty, but the healthy nucleus was not discouraged. As the prediction was confirmed that the long-awaited and long-awaited rain like the gonna fall pig on Saturday, May 23, the original idea came to use the garden, so we had to find a shelter from the storm as usual in CC Chestnut Hall, White Mountain St. 201/150, being Masked & Anonymous drapes and for beer had to run out. But despite the gaps, the atmosphere was cordial and the performances breathtaking even without the help of the covid.


plakát 19. Dylan Days / Zimmerman Frei 2021


There were no speeches this time, the more it was played.


They showed their versions of legumes:

Radosti života, Broken Harp, Vladimir Merta, Memory Band, The Group, The Boband and The Tired Horses.