20th Dylan Days at 25th Blues Alive 2021

Bob Dylan`s 80s celebration in November 11-13 in Šumperk as a side session of Blues Alive festival.

Colloquium: Matthew Sweney, Petr Onufer, Jan Sobotka and Jan Řepka, moderated by Ondřej Konrád

Tribute concert: Broken Harp, Jan Řepka, Vladimír Merta and Jarda Svoboda

20th Dylan Days / Zimmerman Frei – Prague 2021

We met on Saturday, May 22, 2022 in Kaštan garden to improvized perormance and talk. Visitors could see exhibiton I LIKE BOB! (Bob Dylan and his footstep in Czechia countries and neighbourhood) in the PopMuseum, also clould buy the UNI fanzine dedicated to Bob Dylan or picked up some old wild shirts.

Music: Radosti života, Broken Harp, Jan Řepka, Frankie & Sisi (Lent Moyo), Slávek Klecandr & Jarda Jetenský, Vladimír Merta, The Tired Horses, Gospel Boogie Band, The Group and Jan Fic

19. Dylan Days / Zimmerman Frei 2020

Pandamia Corrina virus brought a lot of uncertainty, but the healthy nucleus was not discouraged. As the prediction was confirmed that the long-awaited and long-awaited rain like the gonna fall pig on Saturday, May 23, the original idea came to use the garden, so we had to find a shelter from the storm as usual in CC Chestnut Hall, White Mountain St. 201/150, being Masked & Anonymous drapes and for beer had to run out.


Music: Joy of Life, Broken Harp, Vladimir Merta, Memory Band, The Group, The Boband and The Tired Horses.

18. Dylan Days / Zimmerman Frei

Shellac records were playing at a speed of 78 revolutions per minute, and Velký Bobeš will turn to the same number in his lifetime this year. Let’s remember this from a slight distance, the 18th Dylan Days / Zimmerman Frei will take place on Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 3:00 pm in two usual parts near Kaštan (the first part again at the PopMuseum premises):


Speakers: Zdenek Pecka, Aleš Opekar, Jiří Černý