20th Dylan Days / Zimmerman Frei – Prague 2021

Due to the epidemiological situation and other circumstances, the original big plans for two two-day celebrations in Brno and Prague fell.
We met on Saturday, May 22, 2022 in Kaštan garden to improvized performance and talk. Visitors could see exhibiton I LIKE BOB! (Bob Dylan and his footstep in Czechia countries and the neighbourhood) in the PopMuseum, also could buy the UNI fanzine dedicated to Bob Dylan or picked up some old wild shirts.

poster 20. Dylan Days / Zimmerman Frei 2021


There was no talk this year either, just an improvised introductory word.


The tribute to Bob Dylan paid:

Radosti života, Broken Harp, Jan Řepka, Frankie & Sisi (Lent Moyo), Slávek Klecandr & Jarda Jetenský, Vladimír Merta, The Tired Horses, Gospel Boogie Band, The Group and Jan Fic