18. Dylan Days / Zimmerman Frei

Shellac records were playing at a speed of 78 revolutions per minute, and Velký Bobeš will turn to the same number in his lifetime this year. Let’s remember this from a slight distance, the 18th Dylan Days / Zimmerman Frei will take place on Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 3:00 pm in two usual parts near Kaštan (the first part again at the PopMuseum premises):


Zdenek Pecka (Bob Dylan’s World in Tulsa, Oklahoma) – conference, exhibition, museum, archive and other spiciness.

Aleš Opekar (Times have changed. Dylan in Czech pop music or Protest in Czech) – the article will focus on the imprint of Bob Dylan’s work in Czech official pop music, especially on the re-poeming of his songs by Zdeněk Rytíř.

Jiří Černý (Neither “Long” nor “Wasted”. Half a century with Dylan ‘s songs) – after twenty – one years, we can again meet the symbol of Czech music journalism looking back at at least some events connecting Dylan with the lands of the Czech Crown.


Broken Harp – Jan Sobotka this time without accordion or piano by son Ondra.

The Original Bureš – four years ago at U Holečků, three years ago in Černošice and this year near Kaštan, where Fumas and his group celebrated their thirties last year.

The Tired Horses – we were able to experience the tasting of this men’s company from Balbínka last year, this year we will repeat in a perhaps less time.

The Boband – Frankie Dlowhan has been touring the world for eight years and will visit Chestnut this year. You’ve probably met him before, and you don’t even know it. So now UnMasked and UnAnonymous.

Petr “Bubák” Bublák & Zdeněk Zdeněk – frontman of the band The scary electrician of the band will be accompanied this time by pianist Zdeněk Zdeněk, the founder of the legendary Naima in the mid-1980s.

The Group – originally an occasional pub band around Ondřej Bezr from the Shambala bar (also known as Konrády’s accordion music among connoisseurs) began to perform more regularly, and after last year’s premiere we can judge the ever-increasing art, enthusiasm and number of guitarists.